Seaview Tavern

Cross Country Marathon


25 Aug 2019, 9:00-2:00 PM


The Seaview Tavern Cross Country Marathon is the highlight of this years festival.

Pit yourself against the full 81km marathon as part of the MTBA National Cup.

The course comprises of a 6km start loop followed by 3 laps of the 25km main loop.

if you’re keen to race the loop but don’t want to do the full Marathon course, please register for the Merida Cross Country race.

Feed & Technical Assistance

There will be a designated feed and technical zone at the start/finish area, outside of this zone riders must be 100% self sufficient.

Technical assistance outside of this zone is not permitted.

Self supported feed zone

There will be a clearly marked marshal & self supported feedzone at approximately 15km.

Team managers/riders are required to drop off their food & hydration to the registration tent by 8:00am.  This will then be transported by our marshals ready for your riders on lap 1.

There is no public access to this area and riders will be required to self support.

Please make sure your items are in a sealed bag/container and they are clearly marked with your riders name.

Event Location


Description Time
Registration Open & Marshall Briefing 8:00 am
Water & Feed Drop to start line 8:00 am
Marshalls on course 8:15 am
Open, Masters, U19, U17's Race Start 9:00 am
Under 15's start 9:05 am
Merida Cross Country - 25km All categories 9:10 am
Presentations 2:00 pm

MTBA National Cup Marathon Categories

Lap numbers may be altered at the discretion of the Chief Commisaire and Event Organiser. Final lap numbers will be communicated prior to the race.
Category Cost Register
Male & Female, Elite, Masters 1-9 (Start Lap + 3 Laps) $50 Register
Male & Female U19 (Start Lap + 2 Laps) $40 Register
Male & Female U17 (Start Lap + 1 Laps) $40 Register
Male & Female U15 (1 Lap) $40 Register


Start Lap - U17, U19, Elite & Masters

All riders other than U15’s will be required to complete a start lap. Riders will come back through start/finish area before commencing on their main lap.

Runaway Bride Loop on

Main Lap Details

XCM / Trail Run Loop on