Sunday Afternoon Wedding Bells Social Rides


28 Aug - 28 Aug 2022

Woolgoolga MTB Park

Meeting place: Embankment Road Event Centre

Time: 1pm – 3pm

General info:

All social rides are organised and guided by local volunteers. They are free of charge and cater for rider 12 years and older. You will need a bike with working gears, functioning brakes and have a spare tube and pump as a minimum. The guides and sweeps all have mechanical knowledge but there primary job is to guide riders safely around, not repair bikes that start the ride in poor condition. Check over your bike before the event or get your local bicycle mechanic the check it out for you. Ride safety brief will start on the time in each ride description so you need to get there 10 minutes early to avoid any holdups. For the safety of everyone riders who do not attend the briefing will not be able to join the group. Children under 15 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Event Location


Description Time
Sign On 12:45 pm
Finish 3:00 pm